Energy Blades

Energy Blades are a term used to describe any number of melee weapons which uses High Energy fields or surfaces to deal damage rather than physical force.

Energy blades typically deal one more damage dice than their physical counterparts but their dice size is typically one category lower. Energy Blades deal radiant damage.

Energy Blades typically cost ten times the price of their physical counterpart.

Energy blades require Energy Cells to be activated and deal damage. A typical energy blade uses up a full energy cell over 10 minutes of continuous use.

Energy blades require either proficiency in the specific Energy Weapon, Energy Weapons and the specific weapon’s base form, All Melee Energy Weapons, or All Energy Weapons to gain their proficiency bonus when attacking.
In Example:
A character proficient with Energy Weapons, All Simple Weapons and Rapiers may add their proficiency bonus to their attack rolls when wielding an Energy Rapier, or an Energy Dagger but not an Energy Shortsword

Energy Blades

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