Ruimen Astarmo ("hearth", "witness")

Returned older Sandian refugee


Light armour, rapier
Background = sage, researcher: If I cannot remember a piece of law, I may know where or how to obtain it
Carries thieves tools, explorer’s pack, shortbow, black ink and quill, knife, and a letter from my mother posing a research question she was never able to answer: whether the Sandians stem from a previous species and how this species looked and behaved.


Ruimen’s maiden name was Hu (“shadow”). Ruimen was born to returned Sandian parents on Core but they travelled off-world with her for most of her childhood and in her rebellious adolescent years Ruimen met and chose to go along with a new group of travellers, one of them her husband-to-be, Naur, (“fire”). Naur was a human who was one quarter Psol. Also in the initial travelling band of friends were a number of different races, bonded over their shared interest in learning about other cultures and keeping the peace. They thought of themselves as a kind of ‘hippie caravan’.

Ruimen has two daughters ( Caelaes [“healer”] and Uthaes [“temptation”]) and and a son (Feanor [“spirit of fire”]) by Naur. This family unit continued to roam while the children were growing up, eventually separating from their other friends who did not have children and enjoyed more risky adventuring than was appropriate to the young ones.

Due to some difficulty with a portal to a little-known area called Luven, containing a series of small worlds, which unexpectedly closed, Ruimen’s little family became separated later in the children’s lives. Although Ruimen was able to get in touch with her children, they had grown up and decided they liked the new, peaceful places in which they were living and chose to settle there. Content that they were safe and happy, and leading much less risky young adult lives than she had, Ruimen decided to return to find out more about her birthplace, Core, and seek training which would allow her to work at joining nations and gaining influence. Naur went missing during the separation, but this is not unusual given his Psol heritage and the Psol reputation for not staying in society long or often, and Ruimen accepted his disappearance gracefully, and with some hope for new and interesting relationships having been married to Naur very young.

On arrival on Core she reached a kind of midlife crisis/second adolescence, and wished to find new ways to seek adventure and gain influence and honour. With the other half of her life ahead of her, she hoped to find her parents or ancestors on Core, make amends for some of her rebellious behaviours in her younger years, and learn the story of her people. However, none of her relatives were to be found on Core when she arrived. Instead, in searching for her history in Core’s greatest libraries, she met with others who were seeking knowledge and told her they were gaining official training at the Harper Institute. Ruimen promptly presented herself there and investigated the types of courses available. On hearing of her desire to negotiate peace and understand other peoples, the course counsellors recommended she study International Relations and Diplomacy. Ruimen hopes to eventually become an envoy/inter-world relations official. She is devoted to learning and experience and is flirtatious and curious in nature.

Ruimen is a red-bronze-gold reptilian humanoid with green eyes, tall and quite muscular, with fine gold jewelry like a crown/hat wound around her crested skull. She wears tough red clothing to bring out the red in her skin with black or gold adornments. Her age is hard to guess, but the length of her life experience shows in her eyes.

During her time so far at university Ruimen has engaged in many student-like antics and pursued many hobbies related to the stories of places, and growth of species. She has spent much time in the library and been poisoned by a large spider there, gone without sleep for three days during exams, helped the head wizard with creation of constructs, temporarily developed a drug habit with new Loong friend Sullivan, hiked across the realm collecting insect samples, received a ‘first’ in cantrips, been present when the campus was hit by the worst icestorm in history, spent a month at a local monastery, taken a month off to ‘find herself’ (more than once), whittled small wooden animals for local children, discovered an extinct primitive cult and written a book on their lore, and solved a riddle which barred entry to an ancient tomb. However she has never found any trace of her ancestors or parents. Nor has she found a new love interest, being a mature age student among many youngsters. She has been at the university now for three years, and in hope of actually getting to go back out adventuring one day, formed the adventurer’s club with Sullivan.

Personality traits: I want to learn the lore of every place and race that exists. I hope to make people follow me and desire me.

Ideals: Knowledge, no limits (I will not be held back by my past or my age, I will learn and discover all)

Bonds: I am frightened of the wraiths and avoid contact. I know Sullivan’s secrets and will find out more. Sullivan is also unique and inspiring, and can help me learn about new races and repair Sandian-Loong relations.

Flaws: Most people scream and run when they see a demon – I stop and take notes on its nature. I am easily distracted by flattery especially of my intellect or appearance.

Ruimen Astarmo ("hearth", "witness")

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