Chang-Kai-Shek is the mineral world that the refugee Turians and Machine Spirits are sealed on by the Trojans during the Wraith Wars. This world is known to the Turians as The Second Home.

The Citadel – City state of the Dark-Steel Turian faction the major Turian faction on Chang-Kai-Shek
The Confluence – Capital city of the Golden Weave Turian faction the second major faction on Chang-Kai-shek
Central Main Portal – Now controlled by the Dark-Steel faction after the war of the Black Gate

Native Races:
Kidik – Insectoid mantis like people with age shown by the length of their antennae. They are quite long lived and tend to be insular and bookish.
Shalau – Small mineral based humanoids that are extremely chaotic. They are prone to raiding and disorganised banditry. They are weak to fire which causes their mineral bodies to crack and crumble.

Immigrant Races:
Machine Spirits


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